On DECEMBER 1st at 19:00(GMT+8) BitDNS and dTV youtube channels will broadcast BitDNS CTO Kingsley Low’s interview.

We are honored to invite BitDNS and Thinktank community followers and enthusiasts to our jointly interview. In this interview Sergey Sevantsyan – mastermind of Thinktank community, speaker and professional of blockchain field will interview BitDNS CTO Kingsley Low. Kingsley will reply to all questions related to BitDNS project, its future path and products. Now, before you watch our video we recommend you to know better our special participants.

Sergey Sevantyan

Mastermind of Think Tank Community, Business-mediator, Conciliator, International Public Keynote Speaker, Event Moderator, Investment Relations & International Community Relations Manager, Mentor, Technical-evangelist, CITO, Social Engineer, Networker

CIO of Cellframe, founder of DAO CIO, DAO MBA

Kingsley Low


High achieving tech professional with vigorous cognizance and ardent in technology having more than 20 years of leadership experience in after-market industry, reverse logistics & supply chain. Kingsley was one of the early adopters of blockchain as a technology solution to companies which he was involved in.

Detail- and results-oriented individual with above-average critical thinking skills. Expert software development professional with a laser-sharp attention to detail that is passionate about optimizing computer systems. With experience handling networking concerns, implementing new software, installing new hardware, and addressing user concerns, bringing attention to detail and a dedication to technical improvement to each job.

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