BitDNS mining rates continues to be good; Corn uses its value to support DeFi in the second half

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has gradually become popular and has become the focus of the currency circle. Although liquidity mining has reached the second half, it still cannot stop the excitement of the crypto scientists.

Recently, the author is also paying attention to some high quality DEFI projects, but the overall situation cannot be count as very satisfied. From the cash out of Sushi to the EMD and DMD run plummet, coupled with the Binance smart chain all stopped working before even the start of its operation, the author feels that there is an opportunity to take. Unlike earlier Defi projects, the current DeFi market has become very mixed, and it is really difficult to find a high-quality project in that mixed solution. As far as the author believes, although the DeFi liquidity mining boom is under the control, the market will not directly sentence it to death. The emergence of a new thing will inevitably be accompanied by the existence of many bubbles, and after the bubble burst, some valuable supporting stuff will come out.

Let’s take a project that the author has been paying attention to recently. The project is called BitDNS, which is a new generation of distributed DNS system based on blockchain and smart contracts. It aims to solve the problems of the traditional DNS domain name system which are being easily attacked, has centralized monopoly, and privacy leakage. In addition, BitDNS also has the functions of NFT domain name investment, transaction, and resolution.

It is not difficult to see the concept that the project wants to achieve is very big. After taking a look of the project, the author was pleasantly surprised to find his DeFi product named as “Corn”. Unlike previous DeFi products, its equity token Corn is not an air currency without value support, but a partial dividend mapping in the BitDNS domain name sales system, which is indeed rare among mining products in the same period. To empower the mining pool by value, it is indeed possible to see the sincerity of the project, project don’t allow users to dig out invisible things.

The current defi bubble occurred mainly due to the crazy hype of the project party. In fact, few people pay attention to the true value of defi under the hype. Decentralized finance is the main trend in the future and the closest direction to the landing of financial entities. It is absolutely not possible that some failed projects caused by the phased bubble will stop. It is precisely because of the general direction which even helped more people focus their attention on the liquid mining of defi. The market has developed to the second half, and the market is eliminated. The only thing that can really survive is technical precipitation and comprehensive strength. BitDNS is one of them.

According to its official introduction, the holder of Corn will also have the right to manage the sales in the BitDNS domain name ecology. In the future, it can determine the transaction fee rate of the domain name transaction, determine the online and offline of a new domain name, and determine the development direction of the domain name sales system (Proposal and voting) and etc.

It should be mentioned that “Corn” is not only a social experiment, but also a truly valuable landing product. Its future is determined by the community, by the users who own “Corn”. Relying on the continuous iteration and upgrade of the BitDNS ecosystem, “Corn” will burst out of great value.

The good news is that BitDNS has already started its own pledge mining of Corn on September 29. The total number of Corn is 100,000, all of which are generated through mining, which is fair for all users. Currently, HT and USDT mortgage pools have been opened. The highest DNS pool will be opened in the near future.

BitDNS mining “Corn” is actually very simple, restoring the mining experience of other mining products such as SUSHI and MOON.

The detailed mining tutorial can be found in the link below (

In fact, the author is also participating in this project. In the second half of DeFi, I believe BitDNS’s Corn can occupy a place.



BITDNS,based on blockchain connection,bring dWeb4.0 technology services. More details,please join official telegram group:@bitdnsenglish

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BitDNS official

BitDNS official

BITDNS,based on blockchain connection,bring dWeb4.0 technology services. More details,please join official telegram group:@bitdnsenglish

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